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Correlator chip SR8824

China's independent intellectual property rights only chip multi-system navigation


Multi-system (GPS/GLONASS) correlator chip SR8824, is the first piece of GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning receiver core chip developed by our country. With the advanced algorithm, high integration, and low power consumption, it is adopted of 0.18 micron, 1P6M, CMOS process.


l      24 completely independent and relevant channels

l       Receive GPS / GLONASS code independently, and each channel can track the GPS or GLONASS signals

l       On-Chip Dual UART and real-time clock (RTC)

l       Memory control and external control the logic circuits

l       144-pin LQFP packaged


l       GNSS navigation system

l       Receiver of highly integrated combination

l       GNSS receiver measurement

l       GNSS time service system


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