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 Russian media says Russia is focus on the development of h...[09-02-14]
 There are 19 GLONASS navigation satellites[09-02-13]
 The positiong acuracy of BeiDou II can be in cm[09-01-09]
 The satellites of BeiDou II is going to be launched in 2...[09-01-09]
 Another three satellites of GLONASS navigation system lau...[08-09-26]
 Russia has developed compatible GPS/GLONASS dual-system sa...[08-02-09]
 The top ten GPS industry news in 2007 were anounced[07-12-25]
 Russian Space Agency called for the establishment of a uni...[07-09-25]
 Russia creates GlONASS satellite system[07-09-19]
 Chinese BeiDou navigation system will provide global servi...[07-05-09]
 The second-generation system of BeiDou will launch many sa...[06-12-30]

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