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 1. UniStar participated in"The 73th Electronics Exhibition...[09-04-20]
 2.Beijing UniStar announced as “top ten” domestic news o...[08-06-14]
 3.The well-known magazine 《GPS WORLD》 published the Unis...[08-05-27]
 4.《Electronic Commerce》reported the story UniStar[07-10-23]
 5.Participate in "15th International satellite navigation ...[07-06-13]
 6.Reported by many medias,Unistar successfully released it...[07-05-23]
 7.Welcom to the 2007 navigation product release in May,Bei...[07-05-20]
 8.The founder of Unistar reported by《Chinese Science & Te...[07-01-23]
 9.The founders reported by 《Returned Overseas Students' V...[07-01-10]
 10.GLONASS/GPS SF6803 passed the acceptance test and got t...[06-11-23]
 11.GLONASS/GPS SF6803 OEM board has passed the strict envi...[06-08-20]
 12. SF6803 put in to mass production and market sales in M...[06-03-23]
 13.Invited to give a lecture in theSino--European Galileo...[06-02-23]
 14.The 863 program undertaken by Unistar has passed the ev...[05-12-23]
 15.UniStar registered the patents of SR8824 in the State I...[05-11-25]

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