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Located in Zhongguancun Hi-tech Park, Beijing UniStar Microelectronics Co. Ltd. was established by senior experts who engaged in satellite navigation research and application, including integrated circuit design and manufacturing. It has developed the multi-system satellite positioning navigation terminal chips and embedded software with independent intellectual property rights. The GPS/GLONASS  dual-system satellite positioning navigation receiver chips and OEM boards originally made by UniStar have filled up the blank of no domestic chips in this field, and break out the performance limit of imported products. Unistar has possessed the capability of mass production and has established series of product line. Its products have been applied in such fields as mapping, aerospace application, and aviation in China. The most outstanding feature of their products is the high dynamic performance.

As owner of the rare core chips with independent intellectual property rights in China, Beijing UniStar Microelectronics Co. Ltd. changes the fact that the core technology is monopolized by foreign companies in the fields of satellite positioning and navigation. Its products help to form the technical base of establishing independent and innovative satellite positioning navigation industry in China. With the core chips of Unistar, the satellite positioning and navigation industry in China will be developed tremendously in the next 3-5 years, and its market scale will be up to more than RMB10 billion.

UniStar has undertaken two projects of the National High-tech Research and Development “863 Scheme” in 2004, 2005 and 2007.The project of “Multi-system satellite positioning navigation terminal chips” has passed evaluation successfully at the end of 2005, and the project of “Multi-system satellite positioning navigation receiver module” is under implementation. It has also undertaken the tasks of Beijing Industrial Development Capital and Technology Development Projects. As an important national scientific and technical achievement, the chip of SR8824 participated in the "National tenth five-year Science and Technology Achievements Exhibition" held in Beijing at the end of 2005. 

In November 2006, an authenticating meeting of SF6803A GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning and navigation OEM board was organized by an Military Equipment Institute in Beijing. The products and technology of UniStar have been approved by all the well-known satellite positioning and navigation experts. They all considered that the performance and parameters of the products had satisfied the technical requirements in practical use. With higher dynamic performance, they can absolutely replace the similar imported products.

Leading the trend of global satellite positioning and navigation receiver, UniStar is doing its best to provide its customers with better products and better services. Its products will lead the customers to their success. To help its customers to grow up steadily with the development of satellite positioning and navigation industry is the mission of UniStar.

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