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1. UniStar participated in"The 73th Electronics Exhibition" and "The Hong Kong Electronics Fair"

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Beijing UniStar Microelectronics Co.Ltd. successfully participated in "The 73th Electronics Exhibition" and "The Hong Kong Electronics Fair"  from 9th to 16th Apr, 2009. The exhibitions have attracted many customers.They are very interested in the GLONASS/GPS dual-system satellite positioning and navigation chips and Modules. They all approve our products to be in the industry lead, and show strong desire in co-operation.
   The SF6909 vehicle multi-system module, developed by Unistar allows GLONASS/ GPS compatible navigation technology to enter the automotive electronics and consumer electronics areas for the first time anywhere in the world. The SF6909 is currently the world's smallest module with the lowest price. Both the technical experts and the industry peers all approve the foresight of our products in R&D and marketing development.

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