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6.Reported by many medias,Unistar successfully released its navigation products of 2007

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         UniStar CEO Zhuang Wei


In May 22, UniStar announced to medias that with the support of the national "863 Program", the SR8824 chip and dual-system satellite positioning and navigation receiver  independently  developed by Unistar have already passed the  acceptance test and have begun to put into mass production. This indicates that China has made the technnical breakthrough in the field of multi-system satellite positioning and  navigation receiver .

According to industry experts, the SR8824 chip is the first core chip of dual-system 24-channel GPS/GLONASS receiver with  independent  intellectual property rights in China. This indicates that China has mastered the strategic core technology in the area of  global satellite positioning and navigation and has entered into the world's leading ranks. At present, the multi-system satellite navigation receivers based on this chip have been put in to mass production to supply the customers.


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